Protective Coverings

Israel AME Church Albany, New York


Modern high-performance protective stained glass window coverings:



Not only can Chapman Stained Glass create or restore your stained glass windows, we can supply
the correct protective covering solution for your building.
Protective coverings provide the following advantages:

  • Reduction in energy loss – both heating and cooling (Up to 50%)
  • Reduction in outside noise
  • Deterrence of vandalism and damage

A stained glass window can be covered with three basic types of material: glass, plastic, or laminated architectural glass. Of the three types, laminated glass combines the clarity and clean appearance of glass with the damage protection afforded by plastics. Laminated glass may shatter upon impact, but it will break safely without glass splinters and will not allow flying objects to penetrate through the stained glass behind. We can review the options and choose the the correct application for your building. Proper ventilation of the protective covering is also very important as it lessens the deteriorating effects of moisture and heat build up. Let us bring our expertise and experience to your project.