Repair and Restoration

stained glass window restorationChapman Stained Glass specializes in the repair and restoration of stained glass windows. We can perform partial repair or full restoration as required. We can review your windows with you and help determine which course of action is needed.


St. Eustace’s Church, Lake Placid, NY


Albany County Courthouse


Moffat Library, Washingtonville, NY – Tiffany Restoration


Albany City School Restoration


New York State Education Department Lamp Restoration


Complete restoration involves photo documentation of the window, complete disassembly of the leaded glass, hand cleaning each piece, matching, repairing or replacing any damaged glass, re- leading with all new quality lead came, re-cementing (a process where the window is weatherproofed and strengthened) and reinstalling the finished product. This process returns the window to the condition in which it was originally intended to be viewed.


We are always available to meet with committees, architects and contractors to help assist with determining their stained glass needs and work closely with them to assure a quality product within budget.